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Pestex Armor Shield

A permanent, chemical-free wildlife and pest exclusion solution

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Armor Shield Installations

Pestex offers three options for Armor Shield installation, all of which perfectly complement our suite of wildlife and pest control services.

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Upper Armor Shield

From the peak of the rooftop to the second-floor windows, Upper Armor Shield protects your home from nuisance wildlife. Our team will seal soffit and fascia breaches with premium materials while also sealing ridge vents and any other gaps that could let pests gain access to your home.

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Lower Armor Shield

The Lower Armor Shield ’s Stealth Strip protects your home from the first-floor windows to the ground. Our team utilizes premium materials to seal the area where your house meets the foundation. We also seal corner posts, holes in the foundation, and gaps in siding.

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Partial Exclusion

Targeted exclusion (seal up) done on the interior and/or the exterior to prevent pests, rodents, and wildlife from making their way into your home. We use products such as silicone, xcluder cloth, galvanized hardware cloth, mortar or metal.


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Masonry and Stone Work

Holes and gaps between the stones of a stacked stone or cement foundation are sealed with mortar on both the interior and exterior of the home.

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Burrow Barrier

Pestex’s Burrow Barrier System uses Hardware Guard to protect under your deck, porch, shed and other low clearance areas from burrowing animals. Our team uses trenching and hardware cloth to prevent nuisance wildlife and rodents from digging under these structures.

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Chimney/Abatement Services

After a thorough inspection for wildlife activity, measurements are taken for a custom-made stainless steel chimney cap. Installation included. Basement, crawlspace and attic abatement also available.


Pestex Armor Shield Warranty

The Pestex Armor Shield Warranty protects your residence as well as warranties against reentry of the specific pests and rodents it is designed to exclude. Under this program, if at any time there is an issue with the material or installation, we will be out to inspect and solve the issue immediately. The warranty covers your Exclusion System in full for the first year and is renewable each year.

**(Included with an Annual Home System)

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