Wildlife Services

Effective and humane control for racoons, squirrels, skunks, birds, and more. 

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Though generally not thought well of, bats are important to the environment. They eat a variety of insect pests, including mosquitoes, and environmental protections require care be taken during removal. 


Birds enjoy the comfort and protection of an open dryer vent. Nesting leads to health issues and fire hazards. We remove birds and nests, then disinfect the area, replace the dryer vent, and install a cover to protect against future bird activity. 


Racoons have a voracious appetite for just about anything, including your trash. We'll do a through inspection for dens in and around your home, then we'll remove the animals, and sanitize any den areas found indoors.


Nevermind how they smell, skunks are carriers of rabies, fleas and ticks. We'll thoroughly inspect for harborage, remove the animals, and clean and sanitize the area. Our Armor Shield services can help.


Squirrels can be highly destructive - they tear up insulation in various parts of the house, and cause fire hazards with nesting materials and gnawing on wires. Our Armor Shield services can help.

Pestex Armor Shield

Custom-bent aluminum exclusion services, Pestex Armor Sheild, provided by experienced carpenters, can instantly add up to $13,000 in home appreciation. Unmatched protection in colors to match your home.

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Dan was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He was referred to us as a top local expert on moths and he did not disappoint. In our case, he did not see any red flags indicating an immediate need for treatment, despite my initial panic. I really appreciated his honest approach to business and trusted his judgment.

Jennifer Woodfin


So far so good with Pestex! The technician, Chris, was fantastic! Super helpful with detailed explanations and insight into how to resolve & shut down the rodent super-highway in my home, as well as how to control ants, mosquitoes, and ticks. I appreciate the professionalism and very prompt response to my inquiry for service. Glad that Boston Best Picks has you on their list of top providers for 3 years running too!

Cathleen Lippe


We found Russ very knowledgeable and helpful. During the initial site visit, he even found and resolved one of the locations that the mice have been coming in. The service tech was very polite and and professional in every way. I am pleased with the service we have received and have no doubt will continue to receive.

Jay Michaud