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Start Eliminating the Termite Colony on Day One with Sentricon®

With Always Active™ technology, Sentricon® System begins the termite colony elimination process on Day One. Faster colony elimination equals faster peace-of-mind protection for you and your family.

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How It Works

As your Certified Sentricon Specialist™, we'll complete a full inspection and then install in-ground bait stations around the property perimeter. Foraging termite workers find and share the bait with their colony. The colony - including its queen, the ultimate source of the problem - dies. Sentricon then stays in place, protecting against attack by new termite colonies. More questions? See our Termite FAQs.


home inspection

Your property is thoroughly inspected for signs of termites.


station installed

Sentricon stations containing Recruit® HD termite bait are placed in the soil around your home.


Your technician checks Sentricon stations as needed to protect against further infestations.

Sentricon® System + Pestex

Trust the scientifically designed system most proven to destroy entire colonies — queen and all. After all, it’s not your house, it’s your home. Learn more

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