• Master Mice Removers!
    MASTER MICE REMOVERS! Jerry did a spectacular job of removing mice, who had entered our house during a remodeling project 18 months ago. Then a new mouse appeared in my kitchen. Since Jerry had retired, Pestex sent LeDereck Johnson, who did an A job. Using a special light, LeDereck found a dead mouse on the top corner of our basement cinderblock wall. He exclaimed, "I found the point of entry!" He went outside, behind the wall, and located a tiny hole in the cinderblocks, which he assumes that the mouse bore through. He squirted in some chemical powder, and stuffed the hole, on both sides, with steel wool. Clearly, Pestex workers are trained to be relentless in their work. I am so grateful to be a Pestex customer.

    - Deborah R.

  • Transparent and Honest Pricing.
    Pestex has taken care of our home as if was their own over the past few years. They provide transparent and honest pricing. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns we have. Every team member I have worked with are very helpful. I will only use them for any pest issues that come up on our property.

    - Jason R.

  • His Knowledge, Attitude and Work Ethic Are So Impressive.
    I reached out to Pestex for help with an ongoing mouse problem when another pest company just couldn't get us mouse-free. I got an immediate response from Paul to an inquiry on the website and he was able to stop by to survey the issue the following day. Before I knew it, Mike and James were trapping and making sure my home was mouse-free. Mike returned to install the armor shield to keep them out. Mike also handled abatement work with determination. His knowledge, attitude and work ethic are so impressive. Thank you, Pestex!

    - Amy C.

  • Pestex Did an Incredible Job
    I had a raccoon on the roof of my house. I originally tried trapping with another company but was unsatisfied. Pestex did an incredible job trying to trap the raccoon(it evaded them) and eventually was able to pole catch the raccoon. Everyone I interacted with was friendly, responsive, and on time. I highly recommend pestex!

    - Andy O.

  • They Communicated Well About the Process
    We had a great experience with our Pestex team of Steve, James and Mike and thank them for a job well done. The team answered myriad questions in a patient, clear and professional manner to which we responded "let's do this"!! James and Mike who did the actual work including the installation of the armor shield around the perimeter of the house were delightful to work with. They communicated well about the process, were prompt, courteous, worked hard and continued follow-up to make sure our home was pest-free. They even donned their white "hazmat type" suits to clean up the awful crawl space under our one-room addition - a heroic job indeed. The Pestex team did an excellent job and we highly recommend them.

    - Allan W.

  • He Is a Valuable Asset to Your Team!,
    Howard was awesome found a bunch of new spots and has closed everything. This is exactly what we needed. He is a valuable asset to your team! 5 stars for Howard! Thank you

    - Stephen C.

  • I Signed up for Their Year-Round Coverage
    The first thing you have to know about Pestex is that they are top-to-bottom consummate professionals--and that's including the office staff. They are very knowledgeable about ALL pests. I really ran into a string of pest problems: first, it was ants, then digger wasps, and then, the mammals: rats and raccoons. The thing that really impressed me is that they sent different specialists for different issues and these guys know their stuff. They are also prompt, very friendly, and hard-working. I was a little nervous using a company that does a lot of commercial work, but their people make you the #1 client whenever they are working. So to sum up: exceedingly professional, knowledgeable to a T, effective in eradication, and just altogether nice to work with. I found their prices to be very competitive, so I signed up for their year-round coverage. I highly recommend it.

    - Vincent R.

  • Great Experience and Highest Regard
    Great experience and highest regard for Steve and his team at Pestex. Steve arrived right on time and was clearly exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced. He did a professional and thorough inspection inside and out, and provided us with a cost-effective proposal within 24hrs that was based on the evidence from the inspection and respected our budget and priorities. Thank you Steve! We'll be happy to recommend your services to our neighbors.

    - Michael O.

  • Thorough, Friendly and Educational
    Howard is easily the best tech that comes to inspect our facility. Thorough, friendly and educational, he is always in and out quickly and efficiently while giving us suggestions on how to better improve our defense against pests.

    - Cam

  • Very Pleased With the Thorough Job
    Very pleased with the thorough job that Howard does at our establishment. Very knowledgeable and willing to spread that knowledge to all of our employees for proper training

    - Matt

  • We See a Huge Reduction in Activity
    Howard is very thorough when he comes to our establishment. Closes all holes that have previously been left open, moves coolers and equipment to make sure he didn't miss a spot. Uses all means to reduce activity, whether it be closing up holes, spraying poison, putting traps where needs, etc. We see a huge reduction in activity when Howard is the tech on site. Thanks, Howard! Los Amigos Team

    - Daniel U.

  • Always Answer My Questions and Good Patience!
    Frank did a great job for my childcare center. He has good responsibility to monitor my program every month. Always answer my questions and good patience!

    - Cindy

  • Upbeat Customer Service Skills
    Frank was excellent when coming to my apartment to deal with our mice issue. My landlady and the building manager claimed there were no mouse sightings in two years. Frank went to each room (I live with 3 other roommates) and thoroughly checked for holes. He also did a thorough investigation of the kitchen area pulling out appliances to make sure every possible spot was sealed or had a trap nearby. During the entire time, Frank explained what he was doing and pointed out the problem areas. Any questions I had were answered in detail and with a friendly attitude. I appreciate both his professionalism and upbeat customer service skills as I and my roommates are dealing with this stressful situation. I would recommend Frank from Pestex Inc to family and friends.

    - Cassie J.

  • Great Service and Work.
    Great service and work. I called them and in just a few days they came, gave me a quote and solved the problem. Very friendly all of them. I definitely recommend them.

    - Marina A.

  • I Am Happy to Give Them the Highest Recommendation.
    I've just been in touch with Pestex for the second time (second problem). They have provided excellent service both times. The first time I called it was in the spring with the annual march of the ants. After treatment, they were gone within ten days and haven't been seen since (now September). The second problem is a clothing moth infestation. If you've ever had this, you know how upsetting it is to see the damage throughout your wardrobe. Pestex gave me enough information and links to other resources so I'm confident we can work out a plan of attack together. I am happy to give them the highest recommendation.

    - Darlene P.

  • Great Experience. Restored My Peace of Mind.
    Steve and James were an absolute pleasure to meet and to work within taking care of my home. Steve’s inspection for mice was very thorough, and he also found that I had bats in my attic! For me, there was only one option: to seal everything. James was wonderful and he took care of sealing both the upper and lower portions of my home, taking his time to do a thorough job and left no trace upon completion each day. Steve has been back multiple times to check the traps and remove any remains. Can’t thank them both enough for their kindness and for responding so quickly!! Great experience. Restored my peace of mind.

    - Tracey

  • Great Results
    Howard our Pestex serviceman has been very thorough and professional explaining to us the extra steps we should take to alleviate our pest problems. So far every recommendation he gave us ended up with great results once we implemented it

    - Ihsan G.

  • Simply the Best.
    Simply the best. As others have noted; prompt, courteous, professional, knowledgable. I'd like to add thoroughly. We had a problem with a yellow jacket nest in the wall of our house and they persisted until the problem was solved. Not easy to locate a nest inside a wall! I Will not be using any other pest company.

    - Julia A.

  • Always Super Attentive and Thorough
    Recently switched to Pestex from another company and MAN I wish we had made the change YEARS AGO! Always super attentive and thorough, Bill is always super responsive and really cares about performing his best. I was almost at my wit's end, and I feel like Bill & the Pestex team are my lifesavers. Thank you!!!! :)

    - Sarah D.

  • Howard was very nice and helpful
    Howard was very nice and helpful. He explained things well and made every effort to make sure we did not have any more issues.

    - Ben